A full-service accounting and consulting firm that provides accounting, auditing, tax and business consulting to small businesses & individuals clients.



For Businesses, the firm specializes in providing the following services:
Restructuring operations to improve efficiencies and save costs or consolidating operations in the short term to provide strength and facilitate growth in the long term. Most small businesses that fail or stagnate typically do not articulate their long-term goals; neither do they set clear standards for measuring progress. We specialize in helping our clients build a strategic budget that is tailored to realizing their long-term goals. We understand that the keys to developing and sustaining steady growth includes improving operational efficiencies by eliminating waste, developing owners and employees to make better business decisions, establishing critical business indicators, and innovating new products and (or) services.

Compilation of both business and personal financial statements for those clients seeking financing, or those required by lenders to provide these statements. The firm will also draw up a business plan providing feasibility studies and cash flow projections. The firm specializes in capturing and presenting its clients' strengths to help them secure financing to facilitate growth.
Business valuation for clients seeking a sale or business combination.

For startup businesses,
The firm works with new entrepreneurs in developing business plans, cash flow forecast, and operating proforma.
The firm is committed to establishing strong structures; formulating a game plan, challenging and instituting best practices, and helping its clients realize their vision.
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