A full-service accounting and consulting firm that provides accounting, auditing, tax abd business consulting to small businesses & individuals clients.

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Our firm provides financial statements audit to privately owned business and not-for-profit organizations. Financial statements audit coupled with implementation of sound internal control structure helps the organization manage risk so they can focus on their core businesses.The firm can also assist the client in drawing up accounting policies to improve internal controls and reduce the risk of fraud. Learn More >


From preparing individuals, corporations to partnerships tax returns, the firm is committed to saving its clients hundreds to thousands of dollars by offering them tax planning and tax strategies to maximize refunds or to reduce tax liabilities while encouraging reinvestment of those funds into research and development or as a hedge against new ventures and opportunities. Learn more >


Our firm provides various consulting services to individuals and corporations to improve efficiencies and effectiveness of operations with an ultimate goal of saving costs.We focus on the keys to developing and sustaining steady growth including improving operational efficiencies by eliminating waste, developing owners and employees to make better business decisions, establishing critical business indicators, and innovating new products and (or) services. Learn More >


Today’s environment requires businesses, organizations and professionals to acquire superior level of experience and expertise to help them address the growing complex accounting, reporting and tax issues. Our firm delivers this level of experiences and expertise coupled with an excellent level of service.


The leadership, experience and vision that our professionals bring to each engagement are vital elements in successful client relationship and engagements. These values and principles has enable us to distinguish our firm and develop client relationships that has been the foundation of our firm for over ten years.
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